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New Release Art

Updated 5/14/24

Dawned (Album)

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Love Pit: Unleashing the Power of Music

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EP release art
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Single release art
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Album release art


Theme Song > Music Video Link

Punk Money > Lyric Video Link

Because She's Mine > Music Video Link

What I Came Here To Do (Single) > Music Video Link

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6/1/24 - Indie Bash, Union Hall Lakeland FL

Learn more about Love Pit...

Love Pit accelerated into the scene dropping their first Demo album Dawned July 2020 after being played out live over a year. The band is currently working on it's second album and playing songs from it live at shows and events. The second album expects to release Summer 2024 and will be called Dark Moon. A single from Dark Moon has been released and is called What I Came Here To Do, check it out!

Love Pit is made up of four members all from music backgrounds in various rock genres. Bringing to the band their unique talents, Love Pit has developed a reputation for a diverse sound and style. Adding with that massive stage energy and theatrics the band brings down the house every performance and parties with the Love Pit Nation every time! Love Pit for All Time!

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